UK Real Estate Investment

In today’s times investing in something is very important and it’s something you need to think about very carefully and feel good about your decision on what you decide to invest in.

UK Real Estate investment is a big thing and it’s something to investigate. There is a lot you will need to find out before getting your investment locked in.


Is UK real estate a good investment?

You’ll earn rental income. In some areas of the UK, such as Liverpool, Glasgow and Leicester, rental yield is as high as 8%, while other areas are around the 3% mark. At the same time, you could generate capital growth as your money grows and your property value will increase.


Where to invest in the UK in 2022?

Intercorp considers the best places to invest in UK property in 2022, taking several important points into account about the location including past performance, current returns, and future potential. We have broken it down into several key categories such as property prices, rental yields, tenant demand, transport, employment, population growth, and affordability. This highlights several key best places to invest:

  • Derby
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Sheffield
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Leicester
  • Nottingham
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham



Birmingham remains one of the best places to invest in 2022 due to the sheer amount of regeneration, demand, and growth it is forecasting. While the Big City Plan continues to revolutionize the city, adding new mixed-use developments and public spaces, Birmingham is forecasting price rises of 24.5% by 2026.


Why invest in property?

You as the owner of the property stand to benefit from any rise in its value when it comes to selling, from the income it can generate if you rent property to tenants, from the income it can generate if you rent to tenants – and, of course, from the utility, you get from living in or using it yourself.


How much money do you need to start real estate investing UK?

Intercorp recommends most residential property investors aim for a starting budget of £50,000, giving you enough to target properties worth between £150,000 to £200,000.

Assess whether to go ahead with investing UK real estate


UK Real Estate investment is a big decision. Your money can drain as easily as it can give you returns. If you don’t overstretch yourself by doing it, you won’t struggle if something goes wrong with the property or its finances.


You’ll need to be in the property for the long term to increase your chances of making money, especially if you’re thinking of buying rental property. If you expect to get your money out of this type of investment in a hurry, think again – patience is key but the reward is worth the it.


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