Looking for property investment opportunities in South Africa? What is an investment?

Investments refer to a specific amount of capital used in or for a certain purpose with the aim to ultimately grow the initial capital amount and make a profit upon sale or disinvestment.

Investments come in all shapes and sizes and can include buying houses, buildings, investment portfolios and much more.

Property Investments refer to situations where capital is used to purchase a property with the aim to make profit from the investment either through rent or through the actual sale of the property. The term for profit made on the investment is ROI or Return on Investment.

Rent is a great way to generate income from an investment because it is usually a fixed amount and increased on a regular basis, usually annually, which means

Property Investments are great tools for distributing risks between investments and is also used to protect capital whilst growing it at the same time. Property Investments fall under tangible assets as there is something visibly available for you to see where your capital is invested and for what it is used.

Investments is also a great tool for saving money because the money originally invested can’t just be collected from the safe, and there is a process to go through which might make you think twice about taking the money out of the investment and can ultimately assist with saving your money.

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Making use of our Property Investment services will provide you with a great ROI. We offer an 8% return on investment on some of our investment opportunities.

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