What is crowdfunding and where to find it?

Crowdfunding refers to a method of raising funds through the collective efforts of friends, family, clients, and individual investors. This strategy makes use of the collective efforts of a large number of people, primarily online via crowdfunding and social media platforms, and leverages their networks for increased exposure and reach.

Crowdfunding simplifies buying assets that require large amounts of capital through the money raised by the individuals concerned such as investors.

There are several different types of crowdfunding such as Donation-based, Reward-based, and Equity-based crowdfunding.

Donation-based is exactly what the names state, it is given to the person that requested the funding without expecting anything in return. This will mostly be used for smaller donations.

Reward-based crowdfunding refers to the process where the person requesting funds provide some contribution back to the funder. This can be a product or service that the business provides, use of the business as required, and a few others.

Equity-based crowdfunding is largely used when larger sums of funds are required for big projects. This will be the most popular option when it comes to property funds. This type of funding allows funders to own a part of the business or have some stake in the property and assets, this will most likely be in the form of shareholding.

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