Investing in UK Property If You Are A Foreigner

Looking at investing in property in the UK and not sure how to or where to start? Below are some tips and information to help get you started on your investment journey.


Can foreigners invest in property in the UK?

Whether you are a resident or not foreigners can legally buy property in the UK. You don’t need a visa for foreign investment in UK residential property.

Foreigners buying property in UK can also secure a UK mortgage but they will encounter more requirements, higher interest rates, and larger deposits if they have less than two years of residency in the UK.


I don’t have lots of money but want to invest in UK Property, is this possible?

There are ways and means of you making it work with very little money when thinking about investing in property in the UK.


Try the following steps below to get your investment journey started.

  1. Get your head in the game. Starting off with the right frame of mind will be the first, easiest, and cheapest thing for you to do.
  2. Invest in our syndicated property investments


Foreigners Investing in UK Properties Process


Step 1 – Consultancy

Book your initial zoom discussion with a trained professional to understand what is important to you.


Step 2 – Location

Based on your preferred price and specific requirements you can get introduced to the best investment locations best suited for you.


Step 3 – Development

Our trained and highly qualified agents will share developments with a broad range of options.


Step 4 – Property

Carefully pick and choose the most desirable property you feel comfortable purchasing.


Step 5 – Mortgage

After choosing your desired property, contact your bank and take a step forward by confirming your mortgage.


Step 6 – Reservation

To reserve your desired property until the completion date is due is of utmost importance as you will want to guarantee the property beforehand.


Is the UK good for property investment?

The biggest advantage of investing in UK property is capital growth. With the market growth positively, people who are investing in UK can secure huge annual gains thanks to its booming market. Keeping mind this is not the only income that you can count on.


The market is blooming, and property investment remains one of the most profitable and reliable prospects in the world. If you are interested in investment property in the UK get in contact with us at Intercorp for the best service and efficiency.